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  • All businesses and organizations have obligations under the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 ..... are you happy that your data management processes, systems and resources are fit for purpose?: 


When it comes to data archiving (digital and documented)..... are you confident that your facilities and resources meet satisfactory standards of safety and security?


If you are retrieving and returning data files to an archive facility ......are you confident that your processes are accurate, efficient and cost effective?


Are the people who’s responsibility it is to manage the data management regime and archiving operation able to do so in a safe and secure environment?


Do you and your people have sufficient and up to date knowledge of roles, responsibilities and obligations under the DPA?


FMS has developed a simple but comprehensive diagnostic tool (DART) which quickly provides an accurate benchmark of the current data management performance of your organization in relation to the obligations and issues outlined above.    A DART benchmark report will:


  • Identify any priority actions needed to eliminate risks and gaps in the data management regime


  • Assess the knowledge and awareness of responsible people throughout the organization and recommend any actions needed to address gaps in knowledge


  • Provide a benchmark against which future data management improvements can be measured  





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Motivation Support Program

Addressing low-morale in the workplace and the effects on performance, teamwork and individuals covering aspects such as dynamics, stress and burnout etc....

Although primarily for Support Workers, this can be adapted to suit most environments. The key element of any workplace is the morale and the effects it has on performance.

This is a motivational program and can only serve to enhance the ambience of your environment.

Recognizing the key factors involved can have a massive impact on production, performance and the service user experience.

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What is your Retrieval Performance Rate or RPR?

Are your staff trained sufficiently to CQC guidelines?

Is your Archiving system efficient and cost-effective?

Are your processes and resources fit for purpose?